Stripe Hipe

Hier trage ich ein Maxikleid von Esprit im angesagtem Streifenlook.
Es handelt sich hierbei um ein sommerliches Outfit, das ideal fuer einen kleinen Ausflug ins Gruene oder sogar fuer einen Tag am Meer, getragen werden kann.
Streifen in unterschiedlichen Farben und Groessen sind momentan in Geschaeften nicht zu uebersehen. Wobei die Querformate leider nicht gerade figurschmeichelnd sind und Laengststreifen viel zu selten.
Dennoch gefaellt mir der look richtig gut, vor allem in Kombination mit dem schoenen Sommerhut von Hunkemoeller.

3 thoughts on “Stripe Hipe

    1. I’ve always thuhogt we do a disservice to writers when we talk about a writers’ voice, as though they CAN only write in one voice. I think of it more as the narrator’s voice. This is easy to see if the book is in first person, obviously, but in third it gets a bit trickier. Still, I think there is always a somebody or something telling the story, and, while it may be an aspect of the writer’s personality, I think it’s still going to be different depending on the topic or angle.This isn’t to say that some writers don’t “sound” or “feel” the same each time we read them, and thank goodness. If I picked up a Roald Dahl and it didn’t sound like a Dahl book, I think I’d cry. Still, I doubt that that voice is everything there was about Mr. Dahl or that, in person, I would have put him and his voice together and decided they were exactly the same.My definition of a strong voice is when you’ve written a narrative voice that, in theory, is recognizable. Not across your books, but outside them. I.e., if I walked down the streets of San Luis Obisop, and I met a teenage girl who had certain mannerisms and talked a certain way, I should be able to recognize her as Sammy Keyes. (If you want two voices–look at Wendolin van Draanen’s Sammy Keyes series and her Shredderman series.) Even if I couldn’t pin down who she was, I should know I’ve “met” her before. And it shouldn’t be just because of the green hightops.My two cents.

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